Our must have for Spring Summer 2019

Lineapelle Milano Fair, pattern book and all the trends for next Spring Summer You followed us during the usual appointment at the end of February, the Lineapelle Milano fair and you had the chance to share with us our research through our pattern book published as usual on our website. Now is the time to…

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Turbigo – Castano Primo, origins and history of the Lombard leather district

Let’s discover together the centuries-old tradition of the fourth pole in Italy in the leather production field. The origins of leather art and industry in the Milanese district are rooted in the Roman times. Belongs to Milan the only example in the Latin epigraphy of merchant of leather’s production tools (known as ““comprator mercis sutoriae”),…

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From production to warehouse: other faces of Conceria Stefania

Giuseppe and Stefano are two guys from our team: despite their young age, they gathered many years of experience in Conceria Stefania. Let’s know them better: we interviewed them for you! Giuseppe Fusco and Stefano Magellano are part of our highly skilled staff: they are young guys, but with several years of experience on their…

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The pink side of Conceria Stefania

Do not think that the tannery sector is exclusively a male one: many women work in the different departments of Conceria Stefania. We interviewed for you two of them, Stefania and Lixin. Stefania Averone and Lixin Chen are two of our sales department responsibles: with their smiles and joy welcome requests and provide assistance to…

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Environment is not a joke!

What comes to your mind when you think about industry? Or better, what DOES NOT come to your mind? We would bet you wouldn’t associate nature and environment to a factory nor to a tannery (that according to common belief is an unpleasant, dirty, smelly place). But we, Conceria Stefania, would also bet on something…

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Silverlining®: the right breathability to farewell to bad smells!

A natural process like the action of microorganisms on substances that compose sweat may give rise to a common problem: the bad smell. How to help our poor feet, considering that we wear shoes for such a long time? Conceria Stefania developed a perfect solution: the Silverlining® technology. Let’s face it: everyone has experienced, at…

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Brief, great story of an Italian excellence

Conceria Stefania was founded as a craft company and has grown over the years thanks to the Ramponi family’s determination and desire to experiment. Today it has become a landmark of excellence in the Italian leather tanning industry. In order to tell you our story we have to travel in time going back of a…

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