Faced with our daily commitment, which has always been aimed at respectful development in the field of safety in the workplace, protection of social values ​​and strict compliance with environmental regulations, we constantly pursue the goal of improving our product and our image in a competitive market such as that of fashion.


The relentless pursuit of product quality improvement involves major investments aimed at defining alternative technological applications in which environmental impact is a primary aspect.


Conceria Stefania S.p.A. has always been committed to the application and observance of rigorous principles in carrying out its activities, distinguishing itself for its seriousness, reliability and professionalism.


In order to formalize the fundamental values ​​to which the Conceria Stefania S.p.A. is inspired, this Code of Ethics has been defined, a corporate ethical tool, with the aim of disseminating the principles and standards of behavior underlying the Company’s business.


Following what was introduced by Legislative Decree 231 of 2001, our Company has adopted an Organizational and Management Model aimed at identifying and preventing the crimes envisaged by the aforementioned Decree and has entrusted a SB with powers of initiative and control, the task to be vigilant on the operation and observance of the same, as well as to take care of its updating.


The BoD of Conceria Stefania S.p.A. approved, on 22/12/2020, the new version of the Organizational Model provided for by Legislative Decree 231/2001, following the recent introduction of further, relevant predicate offenses, including the so-called tax offenses.
The Organizational Model is therefore in line with the provisions currently in force.


Ethical Code