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    Leather tanning is an art

    Francesco Ramponi knew this well when he started work in 1944 with a small wooden drum and decided to invest all his efforts in an activity, which soon became a big company. In half a century of works, Conceria Stefania has gone a long way. Some things have changed, but much has remained the same. The passion for leather is the same as always, the quality of the finished product has done nothing but improve. Tecnology and craftsmanship, service and tradition – there are many reasons why Conceria Stefania’s story continues with Angelo, Dino and Gianmario. Love for leather has been handed down from father to son.

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    If tradition is a question of choice, then tecnology is the aspect that allows a company to go beyond the market’s expectations. For this reason, Conceria Stefania always keeps pace with the times, making use of the most innovative instruments to create a high quality finished product. This quality is the result of a daily production of 6,000 square meters of skind, involving the constant and careful work of over 200 employees and a computerised control system that leaves nothing to change. This way, it is easier to work on skins to make them perfect even if somentimes they are not so by nature.

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    Conceria Stefania’s love for leather does not exclude that of the environment. An operator checks that environmental values are respected. A modern biological wastetreatment plant employing active sludge has the task of depurating the water used without any additional chemical agent. Respect for the environment is important as much as creating a high quality finished product.

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Our Suede

At Conceria Stefania, we are specialized in its production, and it is our most popular product: suede is widely appreciated and used thanks to its unique features, such as versatility, softness, elegance, comfort; but it is very delicate too: here you are, a few suggestions to take best care of it!
Suede, also called velours (velvet in French), is obtained by depriving the skin of its external, most precious side (the so-called “grain”) and tanning, dyeing, buffing its flesh side.
As a result, we have a leather reminding, to the eye and to the touch, the smooth softness of velvet.