At Conceria Stefania, we are specialized in its production, and it is our most popular product: suede is widely appreciated and used thanks to its unique features, such as versatility, softness, elegance, comfort; but it is very delicate too: here you are, a few suggestions to take best care of it!

Suede, also called velours (velvet in French), is obtained by depriving the skin of its external, most precious side (the so-called “grain”) and tanning, dyeing, buffing its flesh side.
As a result, we have a leather reminding, to the eye and to the touch, the smooth softness of velvet.
Suede is usually obtained from ovine or bovine skins, specifically tanned in order to get the effect we have just described.
Last, there is alcantara, which is often confused with suede: it is instead a synthetic material with similar tactile and visual properties, but that has nothing to do with real leather, of course.


Suede finds many uses: from fashion to furniture, from accessories to inserts, it is as appreciated and used as delicate, and it needs specific treatments to keep its beauty over time.

In this article, we want to give you some useful suggestions to take care of your sued shoes (and accessories in wider terms): take notes!

For the routine cleaning, it is good to regularly moisten the shoe gently by spraying water (or steam) and wiping with a soft cloth: if you have the chance, gently rubbing with another suede would be the best.
Brushes, especially the hard ones, tend to spoil suede, so better not to use them.

Light stains can be treated gently rubbing an eraser or the soft inside of bread.
Once removed the residues with a soft cloth, a few drops of vinegar (or milk, for oil stains) may be used, applied with the same cloth.
Vinegar also works well for spots such as coffee, wine, tea or even mold!


For persistent stains such as glue, for example, you can try with a little bit of neutral soap diluted with a few drops of alcohol or non-oily nail solvent.
Considering how delicate is suede, we recommend you to try this method on a small, not visible piece of the stained object first.
If you need to wash the shoes entirely, we strictly suggest to hand wash them: dip them in warm water with some mild shampoo diluted in it and gently rub with a soft sponge. Once dried, rub them again with some specific product for the suede daily care.

Finally, if all these methods did not work on your stains, we recommend you to consult a specialized laundry for the treatment of suede garments: there are many, and in most cases they will return your suede shoes like new.

Seeing is believing!