Periods of uncertainty lead to new awareness, a new sense of belonging flows from a sense of estrangement: contrasting feelings make up the palette of colors linked to the primordial values, to underline the need for new stability, a more solid bond with the earth; bond that the vicissitudes have undermined. On the other hand, and as reaction, the colors and extravagances underline the desire to get back into the game with a renewed enthusiasm.

Fear of the unknown has always regulated humanity’s behavior, what is not known generates anxiety and precariousness. But also generates the desire to react and start again, finding new ideas to face uncertainty and to regain control.

Fear generates hope and hope is fueled by new points of view. The environment and respect for the planet become central themes, sustainability and the circular economy are the cornerstones of a business model that cannot fail to be sought.

All this affects an aesthetic trend that follows the rediscovered values ​​and attention to environmental and technological issues: digital innovation, the rediscovery of the planet earth, nature. The central theme is the way in which technology, an instrument of exclusive domination of the human being, can help us improve the relationship with the environment around us, without interfering in an invasive way.

The trend will therefore be the rediscovery of exotic themes, of animal prints both with natural colors and with a bolder color choice, which makes each piece unique and original. Audacity that is also found in the use of glossy leather, an extravagance and, in a certain sense, an exaggeration: the final trend is smooth waxy finish on the leather to give a more futuristic look.

An important part will be played precisely by the colors, a palette made up of shades that convey joy and light-heartedness, almost a nostalgic refuge during a tumultuous and difficult period. Pastel blue, Cabbage, Lavender Fog, Puristic Lilac, Putty Pink, Buff Orange and Lemon Verbena: the trend will focus on these colors, sometimes desaturated for a more versatile application.