Environment is not a joke!

What comes to your mind when you think about industry? Or better, what DOES NOT come to your mind?
We would bet you wouldn’t associate nature and environment to a factory nor to a tannery (that according to common belief is an unpleasant, dirty, smelly place).
But we, Conceria Stefania, would also bet on something else: the eco-friendliness of our production processes, thanks to the utmost care for the environment around us. Keep on reading to discover how.

In Italy and in the rest of the world, environmental matters are given more and more attention and concern by the public opinion and politicians.

Over the last few decades, especially since the economic (and industrial) boom from the end of 1950s, Italian industry has been experiencing an increasing development at several levels: the factories have increased in number as well as in size and production volume; of course, consumption and suppy-demand exchange volumes raised as a result.

Consequently, pollution has been rising in line with urbanization and with the growing exploitation of areas that were rural or previously unused.

On July 10th, 1976, in the chemical ICMESA factory based in Meda (Brianza, Lombardy), a reactor explodes causing a massive emission of TCDD dioxin, a very toxic substance that pollutes an extensive area reaching the adjacent towns, in particular Seveso.

It is the first environmental disaster in Italy, leading people for the first time to seriously worry about the effects of industrial activities over the environment and to ask for (and achieve) firm steps in this respect.

Since then, many steps forward have been taken to make production plants safe and to reduce the release of polluting substances, as well as to ensure waste disposal safety.

For example, the aim of the Industry and Environment project – supported by Micheletti Foundation – is to monitor the impact of industrialization on Italian territory, by studying cases of environmantal impact in Italy and analyzing causes and consequences, without overlooking, on the other hand, environmental conflicts, the position of the institutions, hypotheses and recovery practices.

Technologic and scientific research, that has never stopped, made great strides in this field, even by developing recovery and reuse processes for waste and by making storage, carriage and disposal systems safer. In some cases, polluting substances have even been turned into resources, by building installations aimed to recover by-products from several industry sectors.

Conceria Stefania really cares about the environment.
Throughout our company history, industrial processes have always been in line with environmental standards.
We take advantage of the best production technologies that guarantee respect for nature.
The company is like home to us: all the people who work at Conceria Stefania know that taking care of the ecosystem results in improving the quality of life for everyone.

The operations commonly performed in tanneries necessarily involve a large consumption of water that, during the working processes, is mixed with specific chemical preparations. Water effluents coming from these processes go through a special plant (that has been operating for over 20 years!) which depurates it by means of a biological active sludge system, similar to the type used to depurate civil drains (for domestic sewage disposal). This way, depurated water can be safely discharged into the drainage system!

This is very important for a production plant that uses about 80.000 cubic meters of water per year (corresponding to the consumption of a town with about 1.300 inhabitants).
Furthermore, we also have specific air depuration processes: many types of equipment constantly guarantee the quality of the air that is released into the atmosphere through various systems (from filtration to scrubber, dust control systems in which air is conveyed through water),

All of this reflects our belief that you don’t have to become an ecological monster in order to produce excellence…

On the contrary, true excellence consists in creating maximum quality products with minor impact over what is most precious: the world we live in.

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