Brief, great story of an Italian excellence

Conceria Stefania was founded as a craft company and has grown over the years thanks to the Ramponi family’s determination and desire to experiment. Today it has become a landmark of excellence in the Italian leather tanning industry.
In order to tell you our story we have to travel in time going back of a few decades… Ready? Here we go! 

In the 1930s Francesco Ramponi enters the world of leather tanning. Born in 1919, Francesco is a young man, who is eager to experience and to learn: he starts to work with a local technician and “steals” the tricks of the trade with his eyes at a tannery near Vigevano.

By the end of the war Francesco has gained enough experience in the field and starts working at a tannery in Turbigo. What’s more, the young man acquires the raw material by himself and obtains the company owner’s permission in order to use the tannery’s equipment to tan the skins after his working hours in exchange for 50% of his production. By selling the rest of the skins, he takes his first steps in the leather tanning business.

In 1944 Francesco Ramponi finally founds a tannery in Castano Primo together with some business partners: here they tan skins of any type, including small animals (such as rabbits); these are difficult times, as the raw material is scarce and there is a high demand even for the smallest skins.

In 1960 Francesco decides to continue running the business on his own. This is when the company finally takes on its current name, Conceria Stefania: the name was inspired by a suggestion from a notary to give the company a distinctive name, possibly feminine, and Francesco chooses Stefania, after his wife’s surname (Stefanuto).

Since then Conceria Stefania has been going a long way full of success: Angelo, Dino and Gianmario Ramponi, who now run the company founded by their father Francesco, told us that when they entered the company in 1968 the tannery had only twenty employees in a plant of 2,500 square meters and the production was one twelfth of the current one. Now with a workforce of 200 employees, the three factories of Conceria Stefania (located in Castano and Turbigo) occupy a total of 40.000 square meters, the daily leather production reaches 7,000 square meters.

The company continues to grow but the real boom comes in the 90s, thanks to a successful strategy that values quality and uniqueness of the products over quantity produced. This is in stark contrast to the trend of “strong” suppliers like China and India, that can provide much larger quantities at low prices but, of course, of much lower and ordinary quality.
Small and large Italian and foreign enterprises show increasing interest in this new industrial reality and reward its cutting-edge vision, that is reflected in the most innovative tanning technologies adopted by Conceria Stefania.
What is the secret? It is the three brothers’ experimental attitude and intuitions, such as that of adapting techniques that are generally used with other materials (such as printed fabrics) to leather processing.

This opens up new opportunities of business, as prestigious workshops and famous brands begin to refer to Conceria Stefania for the supply of the raw material they need for their masterpieces.

Today, Conceria Stefania stands as an example of true Italian excellence, as it produces leather of the highest quality, tanned with the best technology and with the utmost care for the environment, that is chosen by the most prestigious Italian brands for the creation of their must-have.

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