Silverlining®: the right breathability to farewell to bad smells!

A natural process like the action of microorganisms on substances that compose sweat may give rise to a common problem: the bad smell.
How to help our poor feet, considering that we wear shoes for such a long time? Conceria Stefania developed a perfect solution: the Silverlining® technology.

Let’s face it: everyone has experienced, at least once, the annoying sensation of smelly feet.
A footbath at the end of the day can temporarily solve it, but its causes lie somewhere else: for example, in unbreathable socks or shoes.
Sweat is mainly composed of water, ions (sodium, potassium, chlorine), urea, fatty acids and cholesterol. Microorganisms are very fond of all these substances that cause bad smell, therefore in presence of sweat they proliferate.

For this reason Conceria Stefania (with the cooperation of the Department of Chemistry of the University of Insubria, Como) developed and patented a special leather lining for footwear containing silver: Silverlining®.
In addition to aesthetic features (such as style and colour), the shoe must especially guarantee comfort, because it is the means through which the foot can maintain its correct function.

The lining, namely the part of the shoe that comes in contact with the foot, takes on great importance for skin perspiration.
A lining produced with animal leather has particular breathability and thermoregulatory properties, because leather is a tissue composed of a thin fibrous web, that is permeable to water vapour even after tanning: this means that it can absorb moisture quickly and release it slowly, so as to produce the comforting thermoregulatory effect.

Although there are other materials that can reach this level of breathability, the thermoregulatory effect of leather is unlikely to be imitated.

silverlining_ideaIn order to guarantee the above-described features, leather must necessarily be treated in the most natural way possible: Silverlining® is a natural product bound with silver, that has powerful antibacterial properties.

The “finishing” containing silver is made of natural products, such as casein. These products create a film that is as perspiring as the leather it is applied on, without changing its properties.
Since the finishing applied to Silverlining® is breathable, the silver contained in it comes in contact with sweat; silver ions then develop their antimicrobial activity and bind with denatured proteins and ammonia, that are contained in sweat (and cause bad smell).

The antibacterial properties of Silverlining® have been evaluated by the Microbiology Laboratory of the Department of Biotechnologies and Biosciences of Milano-Bicocca University with two standard test methods elaborated and validated by AATCC (American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists), an association that develops methods for quality control of the products with reference to textile and tanning industries.

Numerous and repeated tests that compare identical linings before and after being treated with Silverlining® have confirmed its antibacterial properties: the antibacterial power has been evaluated about 100% with both methods.
Furthermore, by monitoring the same sample over a period of time of 9 months, it has been proved that the silver treatment is uniform, repeatable and lasting.

That’s how the test has been conducted: three bacterial cultures have been prepared, of which:

  • the first one (1) was put in contact with Silverlining®;
  • the second one (2) was put in contact with a classical lining;
  • the third one (3) was left as it was.

After periods of contact set by the test methods, the residual bacteria have been “counted” and these are the results: the clearness of liquids into the flasks (in the picture) is inversely proportional to the amount of bacteria present in them; in summary, Silverlining® has removed the entire bacterial level of the culture it came in contact with.


Have we aroused your curiosity? Find out more on the Silverlining® website!

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