The energy used in our company comes from 100% renewable sources.

Respect for nature and close attention to environmental issues have always played a role of fundamental importance in our company policy.

Indeed, Conceria Stefania’s love for skin has never excluded that for the environment. Our production processes require the constant presence of an operator who checks that the environmental values ​​are respected. A modern biological activated sludge plant has the task of purifying the water used without the use of additional chemical agents. (Read more at:

A path that began several years ago, to which today is added a new milestone that confirms and consolidates our attitude towards environmental issues and sustainable development. We have chosen to use energy from 100% renewable sources, a virtuous behavior for which we have received the relative certification starting from January 2020. (Download PDF)

Creating value on the territory, saving resources and respecting the environment: for our company excellence is also this.